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  • 2022.02
  • Wah Lee 2022 Jan. sales topped NT$7 billion, setting record high

    Wah Lee Industrial Corp. (3010.TT) announced its January 2022 consolidated sales of NT$7.266 billion, a growth of 24.31% over the same period last year, setting record high monthly sales.  Wah Lee’s overall contribution from semiconductor industry, 5G, AIOT, data center, cloud computing, HPC, EV, and optoelectronic products helped set the record high sales.


    The world leading foundry company will invest USD40~44 billion of Capex this year, mostly in advanced manufacturing processes.  Wah Lee, as an important member of this major league player’s group and benefitted from the foundry’s increased production of advanced nodes, has seen its Semi sales growing at double digits.


    With the ongoing developments of 5G smartphones, HPC, EV, metaverse, and low orbit satellites, analysts comment that the supply situation of semiconductors will remain tight before year 2026.  Wah Lee will aggressively prepare new raw materials to participate in the R&D projects of clients and follow their expansion projects overseas to grasp the mid to long term growth potentials of Taiwan semiconductor industry.


    The next generation electronic products in the optoelectronic industry the Wah Lee has been promoting to US and EU have been growing significantly since the 2nd half of last year after the alleviation of logistics problems.  The related sales has increased by 170% YoY in January because of the pre-orders before the Chinese new year holidays and the continuous subsidies from the US government.


    The overall supply of optoelectronic ICs is still expected to be in shortage in the 1st half of this year.  Wah Lee has secured multiple sources of optoelectronic ICs and been able to stably supply to customers with driver, power management, and T-con ICs, as well as MCU (Micro Controller Unit).  The related sales grew by 30% YoY.