Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) FORZEASTM PBS

FORZEASTM is bio-degradable and bio-based compound material  designed and produced by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC)  with its unique polymer technology and matches various type of application. Polybutylene succinate (PBS) (sometimes written polytetramethylene succinate) is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family. PBS is a biodegradable aliphatic polyester with properties that are comparable to polypropylene. It is mainly manufactured via condensation polymerization of succinic acid (or dimethyl succinate) and 1,4-butanediol (BDO), both of which are mainly derived from maleic anhydride. Like polylactic acid (PLA), it fully decomposes into biomass, CO2 and H2O and thus can be disposed off together with other organic waste.

FORZEASTM is raw material based on PBS, it applies to injection, extrusion, blow film, lamination and straws applications. Besides, it can be in accordance with TUV Industrial and Home compost certification and Marine certification.。

◎ FORZEASTM PBS for Injection Molding

1. Grade lineup: ZA7002、ZF7003、ZF7005、FT0005、FT0006。

2. Production description:

(1) Wide process capability and flowability, easy mold release.

(2) Careful balance between stiffness and elasticity.

(3) Short cycle time (annealing process is not necessary).

(4) Heat resistance

3. Application examples:

 Tableware, Cutlery, Tray,  Coffee capsule, Flower pot, Vase.


◎FORZEASTM PBS for Extrusion Molding

1. Grade lineup: ZF9001、ZA9003、FT0019。

2. Production description:

(1)Heat resistance (Hot water resistant).

(2) Short cycle time in thermoforming process (annealing process is not necessary).

(3) Well designed balance between stiffness and elasticity.

3. Application examples:

(1) Hot cup lid.

(2) Coffee capsule.

(3) Hot food dish, bowl, cup, and container.

(4) Material of construction, agriculture.

◎ FORZEASTM PBS for blow film molding

1. Grade lineup: ZA9005、DA9003、DA9005。

2. Production description:

(1) Good process ability in blown-film extrusion process

(2) Good mechanical properties of film

(3) Heat seal ability.

3. Application examples:

Shopping bag, Compost bag, Packaging.

◎ FORZEASTM PBS for straws molding

1. Grade lineup: FT0021、ZF9002、DF9002、MI0014、MI0018。

2. Production description:

(1) Well designed balance between stiffness and elasticity.

(2) Good biodegradability.

(3) Suitable for food contact applications.

3. Application examples: straw.

FORZEASTM PBS for lamination molding

1. Grade lineup: DM、ZM series.

2. Production description:

(1) Good process ability.

(2) Excellent adhesion and seal strength.

(3) Suitable for food contact applications.

3. Application examples: Paper cup and food packaging lamination.