Cyclo Olefin Polymer (COP)

ARTON is a transparent, high function resin newly introduced to the world, and besides optical applications such as optical film, light guiding plate, front light plate, optical lens, special disk, DVD or CD pick-up lens, optical fiber, etc., broad field of applications are anticipated as engineering plastics.

1. A new high function heat resistant, transparent resin.
2. Similar to PC, the water absorption is low (0.2-0.4%)
3. Heat resistance is more than 80℃ higher than that of PMMA, and more than 20℃ higher than that of PC.
4. It has low specific gravity, and it is lighter than PC or PMMA.
5. Similar to PMMA, the optical properties are outstanding.
6. Good close adhesion to layers such as reflection layers and recording layers is obtained.
7. The mechanical properties are better than PMMA.
8. It excels in moldability.
9. Athermoplastic resin which is suitable for injection molding.
10. Good adhesion to inorganic or organic materials.