ASACLEAN is a highly efficient purging and cleaning material developed for plastic molding machines by Asahi Kasei, a leading manufacturer of general, specialty, and engineering plastics. It is a super compound, with characteristics that are not found in any other purging material and facilitate the molding industry trend toward small-lot multi-product operations. It combines efficiency and ease of use with outstanding cleaning power in purging injection molding machines and extruders for resin type or color interchange and for deposit removal.

1. Economy in material and time: Effective resin interchange with one-third to one-sixth the usual material quantities
2. Easy use and handling: Styrenic resin-based pellet form, for ease of handling and broad operating temperature range that permits purging with no adjustment of molding temperature.
3. Effective: removal of deposits from cylinder: High cleaning power that virtually eliminates the need for cleaning disassembly of the molding machine.
4. Safety: Nontoxic, no corrosive, no reactive, and slight or no odor.