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TORAY PolyPhenylene Sulfide (PPS)

Toray PPS resin is a thermal engineering plastic. Types of PPS resin include both the cross linked and linear type.


Heat resistance

Offers excellent long-term heat resistance, capable of sustained continuous use at 200℃ to 240℃. Can also withstand high temperatures of 260℃ or greater for a short period of time.

Chemical resistance

Has a high degree of resistance to acids, alkalis, and various organic solvents, which is the second-highest resistance after fluoro resin.

Flame retardance

Offers high flame retardance (UL94 flammability class of 0) even without the addition of a flame retarder.

▓ Electrical properties

Exhibits excellent electrical properties even at high humidities and high temperatures.

Dimensional stability

Exhibits excellent dimensional stability in a variety of environments due to its excellent heat resistance, water resistance, and chemical resistance.


Exhibits excellent fluidity, allowing it to be used for the injection molding of precision molding parts


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