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Risk Management

Risk Management Philosophy

1.Wah Lee's risk management philosophy can be expressed from the following two perspectives.
2.Corporate administration: Strengthen the self-discipline mechanism of corporate governance to protect shareholders' rights and ensure a healthy work environment for a continuous business operation.
3.Operation environment: Manage risk through stringent and systematic process to clearly identify and evaluate potential risks to prevent incidents and manage risk levels effectively at a reasonable cost.


Risk Management Organization

According to the operation scope and business essence, Wah Lee has defined three layers of risk management mechanism based on different job functions.

Investment management and all invested companies Monitor and manage the risks of business development and operation in all Wah Lee invested companies and report risk management procedure to headquarter periodically.
Sales, new business development, and back-end functional group Establish and exercise risk management processes that are in compliance with the operation procedures of each functional unit.
Internal auditing function Provide independent auditing service to ensure risk management procedures are enforced.