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  • 2019.01
  • Wah Lee’s high frequency 5G materials will benefit future sales

    Wah Lee Industrial Corp. (3010.TT) announced December 2018 unaudited consolidated sales of NT$4,264M, a 6.4% growth from the same period last year.  Cumulative full year 2018 consolidated sales was NT$52,935M and increased by 23.4%, compared to last year.  Due to strong growth momentum from multiple cameras of smartphones and ADAS, high frequency substrates for 5G applications, and 4K high-resolution large screen LCD displays, December sales has been in the high levels.  In terms of geographic contribution, Wah Lee Taiwan sales grew by 16.3 YoY, while ASEAN subsidiaries, including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, grew by 53.2% YoY.


    Financial Times reported before the CES show that 5G would be the biggest topic for this year.  No matter whether it is major chip makers, global telecom operators, or heavyweight technology companies, they all put focuses on high-speed internet, low electricity consumption, and IOT of networks.  There are already a few cities in the US testing 5G network.  Japan, EU, and China all estimate their 5G commercial operations in 2020.  5G smart device shipments are expected to grow exponentially.


    As the 5G era approaching, transmission speed is demandingly faster.  The traditional PI-based FPCB for high-frequency antenna has its limits.  In replacement, LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) based material has better electric attributes.  Its electric transmission loss is much lower than PI under the high-frequency transmission condition.  It’s also low humidity-absorbent and is ideal for hand held device antennas.  Wah Lee has been the sole distributor for a Japanese LCP film maker for such a long time and is selling in both Taiwan and China.  The material has been catered to an American smartphone maker and is expected to prosper in the future AI, IOT, automobile web, and distant medical services.  The material has a high expectation for future growth.



    Jan.-Dec. 2018 Sales %

    ICT materials (high-end engineering plastics & PCB)




    FPD (TFT LCD, touch panel)


    Green Energy (solar, LED, rechargeable battery)