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  • 2019.11
  • 5G related PCB materials grew in sales

    Wah Lee Industrial Corp. (3010.TT) announced October 2019 unaudited consolidated sales of NT$4,634M.  The cumulative Jan.-Oct. consolidated sales reached NT$45,300M, grew by 2.6% from the same period last year. Under the impacts from macro economy, the operations are still maintained well in the high rank.  Focusing on areas such as semiconductor front-end manufacturing processes, PCB high frequency substrates, next generation electronic products, and 5G, biomedical, Electric Vehicles, and energy storage system, Wah Lee has taken development measures that are well-positioned and diversified.


    As 5G requires high frequency and high speed transmission, PCB materials become the focus of market attention.  Wah Lee has devoted itself to the PCB industry for more than 40 years and has introduced leading Japanese PCB materials, equipment, and components to Taiwanese PCB suppliers and helped them become world leaders.  The related products include: CCL (Copper Clad Laminate), dry film, release films, etc.


    It’s regarded as the 1st year for 5G this year.  As 5G network coverage rises, high-end smartphones with 5G feature will have very high growth potential next year.  Wah Lee’s high frequency, low Dk & Df CCL has become very popular in the market.  Our major customers have obtained orders for wafer testing PCB cards from world class foundries in Taiwan and largest IC design house in China because of the explosive demands for consumer IC testing.  Wah Lee’s related materials have order forecast scheduled till the end of 1st quarter next year.  Under the condition of suppliers’ capacities meeting demands, year 2020 will be a fruitful year for Wah Lee.


    As 5G arrives, high performance servers with AI features are also in great demands.  Taiwanese players have profound capabilities in making PC and servers and this prompted the world-renowned search engine website to purchase high end servers from Taiwan.  Wah Lee’s high frequency substrates have been the qualified materials for the high end servers and have showed strong sales growth momentum in October and clear order visibility for the future.


    As smartphones and servers are making great progress, the FCCL (Flexible CCL) and low flow PP for binding the rigid and flexible combo PCBs have also been adopted by the battery modules for smartphones and smart watches.  The sales accumulated to October this year have more than doubled.  In anticipation of the new smartphones and other devices for next year, the sales for year 2020 is expected to grow strongly.  Additionally, radar sensors for automobiles is another focus in the future, PCB for automotive industry will bring another growth driver for the company.