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  • 2022.03
  • Wah Lee’s FY2021 Sales, Gross Profit, and EPS all set record high

    Wah Lee Industrial Corp. (3010.TT) announced its FY2021 consolidated financial results with net profit after tax reaching NT$2.84 billion and EPS of NT$12.05 per share.  Wah Lee’s overall contributions from semiconductor industry, 5G, AIOT, data center, cloud computing, HPC, EV, and optoelectronic products helped set the record high profit numbers.


    Wah Lee’s board also approved appropriations of 2021 earnings with cash dividends of NT$6.8 per share, which is the highest cash dividend number since its IPO 22 years ago.  With recent turbulences from geo-political conflicts and interest rate hikes as a result of inflations, Wah Lee, with long-term steady dividend payouts and growing profitability, has been the first choice among value investors’ portfolios.


    Wah Lee’s FY2021 sales were NT$70.52 billion, YoY growth of 19.4%.  Gross profit was NT$5.98 billion, YoY growth of 24.6%.  Because of efficiencies from operating scale economy, operating profit was NT$3.07 billion, with very high YoY growth of 45.8%.  After tax profit was NT$2.84 billion, YoY growth of 52.9% and set a record high EPS of NT$12.05 per share.