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  • 2021.06
  • IC substrate’s expansion has driven Wah Lee’s Dry Film sales

    Wah Lee Industrial Corp. (3010.TT) announced May 2021 unaudited consolidated sales of NT$5,437M, a growth of 20.5% YoY, setting the record high for May sales.  Cumulative Jan.-May 2021 consolidated sales reached NT$27,309M, a growth of 23.4% YoY, also a record high.


    The worldwide foundry leader manifested in its technology forum that high performance computing is one of the semicon growth drivers.  It also announced the Capex plan of US$100 billion in the next 3 years and its R&D advancements in 3 nm and 2 nm.


    To support its customer’s continuous expansion plans, Wah Lee, as the leading suppliers for IC front end manufacturers, has been providing photoresist, PR stripper, specialty gases, and CMP slurry and will work closely with the customers to qualify its products to be the baseline for advanced processes.


    IC substrates have been in great demands, as the requirements for PC and NB due to the pandemic and the applications of AI, HPC, cloud computing, and data center.  As the orders are pretty much secured, Taiwan’s three leading IC substrate makers have been increasing their capacities and have been procuring high-end stepper and DI grade high resolution dry films from Wah Lee.  The visibilities of customers’ expanded orders can be up to 2Q of next year, as Wah Lee has obtained the orders from customers’ new capacities.  Wah Lee’s dry film has grown by high double digits so far this year.


    Taiwan owns the OEM/ODM capabilities for high-end cloud servers and the cloud service providers have placed strong orders in Taiwan.  Wah Lee’s high-frequency low Dk, low Df CCLs (Copper Clad Laminate) are the essential substrates for these cloud servers and 5G base stations.  CCL will contribute significantly to the sales growth of Wah Lee’s ICT/PCB segment sales.