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  • 2017.11
  • Wah Lee Industrial announced its October 2017 unaudited consolidated sales of NT$3,714M

    November 08, 2017  Wah Lee Industrial Corp. (3010.TT) announced October 2017 unaudited consolidated sales of NT$3,714M, a 20.78% growth from the same period last year.  Cumulative 2017 Jan.-Oct. consolidated sales was NT$34,729M and grew by 7.63%, compared to the same period last year.

    Wah Lee has been cultivating the semiconductor industry for many years and has been one of the most important suppliers.  Its sales growth from the semi industry has been higher than the industry average growth rate every year.  According to industry experts, Wah Lee’s key semi raw materials are from critical Japanese players.  Whenever the customers expand their advanced manufacturing processes, Wah Lee will gain the benefits.

    In its 30th anniversary forum in last month, TSMC’s chairman Dr. Morris Chang said that the semi industry will outpace the global GDP and grows at a CAGR of 4.5% to 5.5%.  In fact, Wah Lee has been able to grow its semi related sales at about double digit each year, which is obviously better than the industry average.  The main reason is that Wah Lee stably supplies high-end consumables and raw materials for customers’ most advanced nodes (nano grade processes), such as photoresist, photoresist stripper, slurry, bulk chemicals, and specialty gases.  As the customers are ramping up their production volumes in the advanced nodes, the demands for Wah Lee’s materials will increase.  Foundry and DRAM makers across the straits are all dependent on Wah Lee for the high-end raw materials.



    Jan.-Oct. 2017 Sales %

    Computer/Communication(high-end engineering plastics & PCB)




    FPD (TFT LCD, touch panel)


    Green Energy (solar, LED, rechargeable battery)