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  • 2021.08
  • Wah Lee 1H21 EPS and July sales set record high

    Wah Lee Industrial Corp. (3010.TT) announced its 1H 2021 financials.  Its 1H21 consolidated sales was NT$33.149 billion.  1H21 after tax profit was NT$1.238 billion, a growth of 57.8% YoY.  1H21 EPS reached NT$5.35 per share and set a record high.


    With the leadership in providing 5G, HPC, EV, and WFH upstream materials, Wah Lee’s semi advanced node process raw materials, 5G high frequency substrates and dry film for IC substrate high resolution production processes, high-end engineering plastics for 3C products, and optoelectronics materials all had strong sales-through momentum.


    Wah Lee’s 2Q21 sales was NT$16.866 billion, a growth of 13.7% YoY.  2Q21 gross profit was NT$1.50 billion and grew 25.2% from a year ago.  Operating profit was NT$758 million, a growth of 38.8% as compared to the same period last year.  Non-operating income contributed another profit of NT$208 million.  Together, that brought the 2Q21 after tax profit to NT$641 million.  2Q21 EPS was NT$2.77/share and set the record high since the company was publicly listed 20 years ago.


    1H21 sales reached NT$33.149 billion, also a record high with 21.9% annual growth.  1H21 gross profit was NT$2.934 billion, a growth of 33.4% YoY.  Operating profit was NT$1.48 billion, the profit contributed from core operating activities grew 52.9% YoY.  After tax profit reached NT$1.238 billion, a growth of 57.8% from a year ago.  1H21 EPS was NT$5.35/share.


    The company also announced its July 2021 consolidated sales of NT$6.134 billion, a growth of 17.61% YoY and 5.02% MoM, also setting record high monthly sales.  Cumulative Jan.-Jul. consolidated sales reached NT$39.283 billion and has grown by 21.23% YoY so far.