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  • 2017.06
  • Wah Lee Industrial announced its May 2017 unaudited consolidated sales of NT$3,318M

    June 8, 2017  Wah Lee Industrial Corp. (3010.TT) announced its May 2017 unaudited consolidated sales of NT$3,318M, a 7.26% growth from previous month.  Cumulative 2017 Jan.-May consolidated sales was NT$15,601M and grew by 0.37%, compared to the same period last year.

    According to various industry research institutes, among the mid to high end smartphones, dual cameras and ten million pixel cameras are standard features.  This had pushed optical lens module makers from Taiwan, China, and Japan to increase their capacities in order to catch more market shares.  Wah Lee has been providing raw materials for optical lenses and has penetrated into major lens manufacturers across the straits for many years.  The related sales cumulative to May this year has more than doubled than the same period of last year.  Thanks to the new smartphone model launches, our optical lens materials will have even better performance in the 2nd half.

    The optical lens industry witnesses its popularity in this year.  In addition to the smartphone cameras, DSC, automobiles, and NB PCs all have their demands for optical lenses.  Camera for automobiles is one of the most important applications.  For example, ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System) and Autopilot are both using a lot of image sensors and camera modules.  Wah Lee has devoted resources into the development of cameras for auto and has been providing materials for the supply chain of camera modules for auto.  As the trend of intelligent driving continues, lenses and camera modules for automobiles will keep growing, Wah Lee’s related sales volume and value will have the opportunity to keep expanding.


    Jan.-May 2017 Sales %

    Computer/Communication(high-end engineering plastics & PCB)




    FPD (TFT LCD, touch panel)


    Green Energy (solar, LED, rechargeable battery)