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  • 2021.03
  • Wah Lee provides to 5G base stations and EV supply chain

    Wah Lee Industrial Corp. (3010.TT) announced February 2021 unaudited consolidated sales of NT$4,525M, a growth of 40.0% YoY, setting the record high for February sales.  Cumulative Jan.-Feb. consolidated sales reached NT$10,370M, a growth of 38.2% YoY.


    Under the great demands from 5G and EVs, despite of the additional capacities, semiconductor industry is still under supply.  Wah Lee, as the supplier of the world leading foundry company, has strong sales of photoresists, electronics grade chemicals, specialty gases, photoresist strippers, and CMP slurry driven by the strong industry demands.  Wah Lee has become the largest supplier of semiconductor front end manufacturing process consumable raw materials.  In addition, brought up by the new technologies like AI, HPC, cloud computing, and data centers, IC substrates has become the major required materials.  Wah Lee joined with the manufacturer to provide DI high resolution dry film to the IC substrates producers across the strait.  Dry film has made big strides in sales.


    The vaccines had just been invented and the global immunity from the pandemic is still far away, the home economics and on-line education will continue to prosper.  NB, tablet PCs, and game consoles will still be in great demands.  Wah Lee has been providing thermoset plastics which are of high rigidity, high reliability, and high insulation.  These plastics has been the first choice for major power supply manufacturers and has gained great market shares in NB and educational PCs.  Furthermore, the voice-activated smart speakers, the game consoles, and the smartphone fast chargers are all provided by Wah Lee for their power supplies.  Therefore, the sales of the thermoset plastics has grown by multiples.


    After the successful penetrations in the 3C power supplies, Wah Lee further reached its sales to the applications of 5G base stations and smart street lamps.  Because of the short transmission distance of 5G, many small 5G base stations have to be integrated into the smart street lamps.  The power supply raw materials for the smart street lamps will add strong sales momentum to Wah Lee’s sales.  In response to the high voltage development trends, Wah Lee will join together with the suppliers to provide to medical, industrial control, and server high end power supplies.  Also in recent years, the thermoset plastics have spread their applications to automobiles, including auto’s electrical applications, sensor of braking systems, pistons, and pumps.  The thermoset plastics also expand to be applied in EV charger stations and power supply of EVs and will be driven by the growth momentum of EVs.