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  • 2021.09
  • Wah Lee August sales stood well above NT$6 billion level

    Wah Lee Industrial Corp. (3010.TT) announced its August 2021 consolidated sales of NT$6.059 billion, a growth of 18.58% over the same period last year.  Cumulative Jan.-Aug. consolidated sales reached NT$45.342 billion, a growth of 20.87% YoY.


    Semiconductor market is still in supply shortage with the world leading foundry maker raised its overall price to customers.  Wah Lee, as the leading provider of consumable materials for front-end semi manufacturing processes, has witnesses strong growth in its sales of photoresist, electronic-grade chemicals, specialty gases, and CMP slurry due to the drives from 5G, HPC, and EV demands.  The Company also plans to set up operation strongholds in the state of Arizona to provide full supports to its customer’s 5nm production base there.


    Wah Lee’s high-temperature resistant nylon has caught up the hot selling trend of servers and PCs and was used for DDR5 memory sockets.  Additionally, the new type C connectors in smartphones, TV, NB, PC and servers has driven the sales of high-end engineering plastics by about 30% YoY.  Connectors for EV/automobiles will resume full throttle of growth once the shortage of chips is alleviated in the future.


    The next generation electronic product in the FPD industry has doubled its sales since the re-opening of schools in US and with the subsidies of renewing school equipment by the Biden administration.  IC sales has grown by about 70% with the strong demands for T-con, driver, power management, and memory ICs.


    In the PCB sector, IC substrate makers are expanding their capacities.  Wah Lee’s high-end dry film is the chosen material for Stepper and laser DI high-resolution processes and secured multiple batches of orders from new IC substrate fabs.  Growth is in the high double digit percentage.


    Green energy sector was benefiting from the Taiwanese government’s year 2050 goal of zero carbon emission.  Apple also committed to reach carbon neutral in its supply chain and products.  Wah Lee echoed government and multi-national enterprises’ carbon reduction missions and integrate ESG gene into its corporate culture and operations.  Wah Lee expands its green power generation industry, sets up solar power stations, launches its ESS (Energy Storage System) efforts, and provides materials to off-shore wind power blades.  It’s contributing to a more friendly environment to earth.