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  • 2020.03
  • Wah Lee is well positioned in 5G. CCL has great achievements in sales.

    Wah Lee Industrial Corp. (3010.TT) announced February 2020 unaudited consolidated sales of NT$3,232M, a growth of 1.7% from last year.  The cumulative Jan.-Feb. consolidated sales reached NT$7,505M, declined by 1.6% from the same period last year.  Because of the global effect of COVID-19 and the delay of productions in China, it has quite an impact on the economic activities in this year.  Wah Lee has well diversified material product portfolio in semi, optoelectronics, IT materials, PCB and has maintained quite stable sales momentum.


    Wah Lee’s semiconductor materials benefited from high end semi manufacturing processes, such as photoresist, developer, slurry, IC process chemicals, and specialty gases.  Optoelectronics has stable sales in FPD materials and driver IC and has penetrated into next generation electronic products and opto-communication chips and modules.  In IT materials, Wah Lee provides high end engineering plastics applied in 3C and smart devices, in recent years applied in optical lenses for cameras and automotive parts.  PCB materials benefited from the trend of 5G, such as CCL (Copper Clad Laminate), dry film for high end processes, and 5G high frequency packaging materials.  In the green energy sector, in addition to the raw materials sales, Wah Lee has invested into the establishment of solar power stations and promotion of ESS (Energy Storage System).  We will keep developing 5G, biomedical, EV and other future promising industries and hope to continue to grow the sales.


    5G has become the mainstream for global electronic industry.  With the characteristics of high speed, low delay, and mass amount of data transmitted, servers need to be upgraded in speed.  So, the demands for AI-featured servers are increasing.  The world-renowned search engine has purchased massively from Taiwan high-end server makers.  Wah Lee’s high frequency CCL imported from Japan is already adopted by them.  Plus that there was some bottlenecks met by customers’ other Taiwanese suppliers, Wah Lee’s Japanese CCL material has taken place into all server supply chain.  Besides that, most server supply chain was located in Taiwan and was less affected by the COVID-19 in China, Wah Lee’s CCL sales was increasing strongly.


    Wah Lee’s low Dk & Df CCL has been sold to the testing PCB card makers for the world’s largest foundry and the largest IC designer in China.  The application is in consumer electronics.  Another testing PCB card maker is more focused on servers and industrial computers.  All these customers have enjoyed high sales momentum and that in turns secures Wah Lee’s related material sales order visibility to 2nd quarter of this year.