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  • 2021.01
  • Wah Lee had a great 4Q20 performance, FY2020 sales set record again

    Wah Lee Industrial Corp. (3010.TT) announced December 2020 unaudited consolidated sales of NT$5,265M.  4Q20 sales reached NT$15,731M, a growth of 12.0% YoY.  Full year 2020 consolidated sales reached NT$59,081M, a growth of 8% from last year, setting record high annual sales for the 4th consecutive year.  Looking back the year, Wah Lee performed well despite the pandemic and was leading in the semi advanced processes, 5G materials, and ICT materials for the optical lens application.


    Taiwan semiconductor industry had a prosperous year last year.  Our major semi customer’s capacities were at full utilizations both on legacy and advanced nodes.  As the “aircraft carrier of materials”, Wah Lee has always been participating in the provision of full range of semi materials, including photoresist, PR stripper, specialty gases, CMP slurry, and spare parts.  We have prepared enough inventory for the major customer for its new plants that are under construction and will strive to become the baseline material provider for its new manufacturing processes and gain market shares.


    5G era has arrived.  With the requirements on high speed, low delay, and huge data transmission, servers with AI functions had become the mainstream use and prompted explosive sales growth for Wah Lee’s 5G substrates.  In the near future, the Company will proceed to provide materials for the 400G switches that are required for 5G network construction.  We will co-develop with a major world-class network provider.  IC substrates will become the mainstream instrument for 5G related ICs with the development from AI, HPC, cloud computing, and data centers.  Wah Lee will work together with our supplier to provide DI high resolution grade dry film.  We look forward to a strong momentum for dry film propelled by the aggressive capacity expansion plans by IC substrate fabs across the Taiwan Strait.


    Because of the strong demands of mid-to-low grade smartphones in the China market, several Chinese smartphone companies had placed huge orders of camera modules to a leading module provider in China.  This module provider sourced its optical grade plastics from Wah Lee for the production of camera lenses.  After securing its position in the mid-grade smartphone camera modules, the local camera module maker has taken a leap to penetrate into the supply chain of an American smartphone and tablet PC manufacturer.  In the 1st half this year, it will start taking orders for 5P camera modules for tablet PCs.  In the 2nd half, it will have the opportunity to penetrate into the 5P or 6P camera modules for its smartphones.  With the stimulation from this demand increase, Wah Lee’s optical grade engineering plastics will have a strong momentum in sales in the coming year.


    With the gradual adoption of 5G network and a substantial rise in the network speed of 5G, AR and VR glasses will become more popular.  Wah Lee will cooperate with our supplier to develop this market.  Besides the application in the smartphone camera lenses, our optical grade engineering plastics also penetrate into safety surveillance and automobile markets.  Especially with the ADAS and DMS (Driver Monitoring System) becoming the standard features for today’s automobiles, it will have new contributions to the sales of optical grade engineering plastics.