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  • 2021.07
  • Wah Lee’s AGM raised cash dividend to NT$4.4/share

    Wah Lee Industrial Corp. (3010.TT) held its 2021 annual shareholders’ meeting on July 28th.  It was approved by the AGM that the 2020 cash dividend will be added by NT$0.4/share to a total cash dividend of NT$4.4 per share, with the stock dividend remaining at NT$0.2 per share.  The total dividend from its 2020 earnings to be distributed to shareholders now amounts to NT$4.6 per share.


    Wah Lee has been steadily paying lucrative dividends to its shareholders for many years and increasing the total returns to the shareholders continuously.  The company has become an attractive long-term investment target that covers both growth and value.  Wah Lee will continue to focus its future growth on 5G, EV, biomedical, green energy, and semiconductor advanced manufacturing processes.  Also to be in line with the prevalent ESG values, Wah Lee has devoted itself to the building of solar power stations, operations of ESS (Energy Storage System), and off-shore wind power materials provision.