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  • 2019.12
  • Mini LED backlight in high end display

    Wah Lee Industrial Corp. (3010.TT) announced November 2019 unaudited consolidated sales of NT$4,684M, a growth of 4.03% from last year.  The cumulative Jan.-Nov. consolidated sales reached NT$49,984M, grew by 2.7% from the same period last year. Under the impacts from macro economy, the operations are still maintained well in the high rank.  Focusing on areas such as semiconductor front-end manufacturing processes, PCB high frequency substrates, next generation electronic products, and 5G, biomedical, Electric Vehicles, and energy storage system, Wah Lee has taken development measures that are well-positioned and diversified.


    OLED display has become the standard feature for mid to high end smartphones.  It has brought prosperous businesses for OLED related industries.  Wah Lee has devoted resources into distribution rights for OLED upstream raw materials and equipment.  For example, the high end fine metal mask has been supplied to Chinese OLED panel makers.  Its major applications include smartphones and wearables.  Wah Lee also supplies polarizers and light-emitting organic materials.  Recently, the Company also supplies flexible PI for bendable displays.


    Mini LED backlight that is energy efficient and rich in colors will help TFT LCD displays boost their features.  It is expected to be applied to tablet PC and gaming displays.  It is reported that the new American tablet PC will use this mini LED backlight technology.  Under the leadership of this particular product, it will bring a good amount of sales for Taiwanese LED chip makers and packagers for next year.


    Mini LED backlight technology has great advantages on brightness and reliability.  Industry players will focus on large size displays such as gaming displays, gaming NB PC, high end 8K LCD TVs, and automobile dashboards.  Wah Lee has cooperated with LED makers to develop mini LED with local dimming function for backlight modules and will focus on automobiles, TV, and monitors.  The product has been in spec-in process and will bring new growth momentum for Wah Lee’s future sales.