GENESTAR, developed by Kuraray Co., Ltd., is a new heat-resistant polyamide, consisting of terephthalic acid and nonanediamine. GENESTAR is semi-aromatic polyamide with a unique chemical structure, made up of an aromatic core and a long hydrocarbon chain. It shows greater heat resistance and lower water absorption than PA46 and PA6T, and excellent dimensional stability, making it ideal for use as an SMT material. GENESTAR retains its strength and hardness at high temperatures, offering outstanding weld strength and recyclability, and balanced performance as an SMT material.

1. Low water absorption: GENESTAR shows the lowest water absorption of any polyamide, and is virtually free from dimensional change or degeneration of mechanical properties due to water absorption.
2. Outstanding heat resistance: A high melting point (306 ℃) and low water absorbency prevent blistering during reflow soldering. Its lead-free composition also makes GENESTAR suitable for high-temperature soldering.
3. Outstanding moldability: GENESTAR's high fluidity allows the molding of thin-walled shapes. Its rapid crystallization properties reduce cooling time and allow high-cycle molding. GENESTAR also gives off fewer gases than other heat-resistant polyamides, helping to keep molds clean and prolong mold life.

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